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FINALLY! I've just got myself a Blue Snowball, which means clear audio and better quality! Maybe now I can get a score higher than a 3 on Newgrounds and maybe even start to amass an audience or something. Maybe I'll put up a demo or somethin', but for now I'm just gonna keep recording dumb crap 'n hear it play back crisply and clearly. BYE4321484_138843575593_c26-BLUE-B000EOPQ7E-2-sm.jpg

JEEZ LAWEEZ [New Toon Out]

2013-03-30 15:35:00 by StupendousSqueegie

Above is the link to my new iCarly parody, but it's bad so no hard feelings if you don't watch it. I've tried to upload it like twenty times to Newgrounds but I kept getting thumbnail errors saying that my thumbnail was "non-existent." So copy-paste the link or CLICK HERE for the video. Thanks for readin'.



2013-02-23 19:36:44 by StupendousSqueegie

Well, I just uploaded my first original short to YouTube. I want to transition to original shorts and less parodies, because I write original stuff much better. Go check out the original!(But read the description 'cause there's info about it and changes that might be made and junk.) I know I still need to improve my writing, and I'm trying.

Short summary for the lazy:
I made an original short and there's gonna be a lot more originals and vids and I'm improving my writing and Go check out the original!


2012-12-16 17:10:35 by StupendousSqueegie

Since the Christmas Special is gonna take longer than I anticipated, I'm gonna release one more toon before I release the Christmas special on Christmas Eve, Day or maybe even a little before that. Here's a screenie of the next toon I'm putting out before I release my Christmas Special.



2012-12-13 21:22:54 by StupendousSqueegie

Well, I am absolutely LOVING this Cintiq 12wx. Such good line quality and much easier to work on. But anyways, I've got a Christmas special on the way. I might release it a week before Christmas, but I don't know the exact arrival date for this toon yet. Preview below. And also DAY-UM!! Look at those colors!


Back on Track

2012-11-21 20:36:23 by StupendousSqueegie

WELL, I'm completely DONE with being on hiatus. It's not like a whole lot people care, but I don't like not releasing anything for a long period of time. OH, and HAPPY EARLY SORRYSRECEIVING!

Back on Track

I'm Sick

2012-11-11 21:59:02 by StupendousSqueegie

Well, I'm sick. My meds are giving me the runs, I've been out of school for a week, I'm sitting in bed as I type to you guys 'cause I feel bad for not letting you know what's been going on, and the worst part is that BO2 comes out on Tuesday and I won't be able to play it if I'm not well (lol).

But most of all I'm behind. My Pokemon toon shoulda been out by now, but I haven't had access to a computer for days. But luckily being sick has helped me realize my writing was shitty and I wasn't to proud of the lack of fbf and movement in general. So I already re-wrote and re-story-boarded the video and it WILL be out next week/this coming week. Happy Veterans Day also. I'm super sorry but, yeah it's gonna take some time. Forgive me pleeeze.

Screen Cap

2012-11-02 19:32:03 by StupendousSqueegie

Here's a screen cap of my latest toon. It was a bit unnecessary to cross out everything since you guys know that it's a Pokemon toon, but whatever. I'm gonna finish this in a few days and start my DBZ toon too. Or possibly my Zelda toon first. I'll see. BYE

Screen Cap

'EEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY DER! Well, it seems my Pokemon parody is my first one minute video, which I'm really proud of. Animation's been on an odd pace, but that's because school's getting in the way a LOT. But yeah, it's gonna be a minute and I hope it'll please you peeps. I'm also gonna be collabing with SpoonFullTits for two of his videos with backgrounds and voices...LATER.

Trio of Fans...

2012-10-29 19:33:09 by StupendousSqueegie

FORGET IT, THREE FANS IS ENOUGH FOR ME TO MAKE A NEWS POST! I've got about three cartoons planned. Which ones I finish is the real mystery. I'm absolutely SO original that I've already planned out and WILL finish a yes..................Pokemon (sorry).................parody. Screen cap later when it's somewhat done.